Fantasy Player Strike Cripples Imaginary Baseball League

(Red Falls, Iowa) Ucs Sports News: Fantasy Baseball fans we shocked to discover their baseball season may be cut short. The long simmering contract dispute between Fantasy Baseball managers and players has finally erupted into open conflict and a league wide strike.

According to the fantasy baseball players union the fantasy mangers have failed to meet key demands. Speaking on behalf of the fantasy players Ben Myers explained, “We have been putting up with the flawed strategies, ill considered trades and just plain stupidity of fantasy mangers for too long. It’s degrading.” Myers went on to criticize the fantasy mangers as “just a bunch of greasy, living in their mom’s basement arm chair generals.”

Speaking on behalf of the Fantasy Mangers, from his mom’s basement in Red Falls, Brett Jenkins stated “We don’t understand the Fantasy players position on this issue, We paid our $25 entry fee, we just want to live our dreams.”