Fashion World Bands Together To Support Kate Moss

Superstar model Kate Moss, who has run afoul of the various fashion and fragrance companies she represents due to her alleged cocaine use, is already staging a comeback of sorts. Despite being dropped as spokesperson by H&M and Chanel Ms. Moss is already bouncing back with other companies, governments and institutions offering her endorsement deals.

The Government of Columbia, the worlds leading exporter of cocaine has named Ms. Moss Special Ambassador; a promotional world tour is already being planned, with sponsorship monies to be paid by various Drug Cartels. Columbia has been concerned with the lessening of cocaine use amongst the worlds population and the hope is that Ms. Moss, as a high profile model can bring about a return to the popularity that the drug enjoyed in the eighties and nineties before it was eclipsed by the club drug Ecstasy.

In addition, the government of Afghanistan is offering Ms. Moss the post of Cultural Attach