Federal Reserve Tycoon: the game

Federal Reserve Tycoon

Print too much money, and the dollar crashes. Print too little, and the political pressure groups will react. Choose one of several different characters to play. Step into Paul Volcker’s shoes and raise interest rates. Play as Alan Greenspan, trying to figure what asset bubbles to create. Play Ben Bernanke by popping the asset bubble, then monetizing the entire globe, risking hyperinflation. Have what it takes to prime the pump, flooding the loan market with enough liquidity to bring nominal interest rates down to zero, Latin American-style? Can you manage the asset bubbles without bankrupting the dollar? Step into the role of Federal Reserve Chairman with this exciting video game.

-Fly over cities in helicopter drop missions
-Exciting campaigns dropping cash over cities like L.A., New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago
-No need for a cheat code, since you have the power to print all the money you wish through Federal Open Market Committee operations

“Fun, sometimes thrilling and packed with illuminating details and striking personalities.” -Matt Zoller Seitz, NY Times

“Thrilling and thought provoking.” -Dennis Sellers, Macsimum News

“A thrilling game of corporate survival.” -Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

“I’m completely dazzled.” -Jeffrey Tucker, LewRockwell.com

Art work used with permission of Trendsman.com (hats off to you guys)