Feds Raid Yearly Kos in Chicago, Markos Moulitsas Arrested

Unconfirmed sources report that Markos Moulitsas, founder of the political blog Daily Kos, has been taken into custody by federal law enforcement officers. Moulitsas was apprehended leaving a bar after meeting with other bloggers late last night. Moulitsas is now in federal custody and is being held on unknown charges.

Moulitsas and many other bloggers attending the conference where rounded up during an operation named Red Boot that seems to have focused on left wing bloggers and their fans. In a coordinated effort officers from several agencies descended on the conference and took dozens of ‘unlawful combatants’ into custody and captured a large number of computers, and cell phones which officials believed were destined to be used as triggering devices in possible roadside attacks.

“We got a big fish last night,” Boasted agent Frank Burns, of the FBI. “We have been monitoring Moulitsas and his organization for years, waiting for the right time to move in. Yesterday, word came down from the attorney general that we needed to win a news cycle and break up this gathering of left wing activists. Mission accomplished.”

“The capture of Moulitsas and other members of his leadership ‘cell’ is a serious blow to the Kos and will severely damage their ability to mount effective operations in the future.” Says embattled attorney general Alberto Gonzales. “The Daily Kos has been a forum and organizing point for anti-government forces for too long. We had to take it down before the damages to this country was irreversible.”