Feds Waited Until Whitey Bulger Had Alzheimer's Before Making Arrest, According to Sources

FBI officials waited until former Boston mob Boss Whitey Bulger became mentally incapacitated by age-related dementia before making their arrest, according to an FBI source who preferred to be referred to as “Squiggy”.

Squiggy claims that the FBI knew all along that the 81 year old Bulger was ‘hiding’ in a Santa Monica, CA condo under the name Charles Gasko with his paramour and femme fatale Catherine Grieg, aka Carol Gasko

“We had to wait until he was too feeble to remember anything”, Squiggy told Spooftimes. “We saw him getting more and more confused. Finally we saw him urinate in the coat closet of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and we knew the time to arrest him had arrived”.

Squiggy stated that there were other signs of confusion such as Bulger screaming obscenities during opera performances and throwing banana cream pies at passing cars that indicated now might be a good time.

“He was making a spectacle of himself”, Squiggy continued. “Our agreement was that he keep quiet and lay low. Someone was bound to recognize him!”

Squiggy said that Bulger is now confused enough so that he does not wield the same power against the FBI and the government that he help previously and he’s likely to plead guilty to the charges against him thus eliminating any fears of him revealing any more by testifying.

“Besides, he’s a crazy old man now. No one’s gonna believe him!”

His lover Catherine Grieg, however, may have to be “eliminated by suicide” while waiting for her trial.