FEMA Head Michael Brown Rushes to Washington to Organize Sock Drawer

Unconfirmed sources report that FEMA head Michael Brown has been recalled to Washington to re-organize the Presidents sock drawer. Brown, who has been under siege since FEMA failed to respond to hurricane Katrina in a timely fashion, said that he was needed in Washington and had more pressing duties to attend to. The Bush administration has resolutely backed the embattle Brown and denies that the transfer is a demotion.

“The Presidents sock drawer is a real mess.” Admitted White House spokesman Ben Lion. “With the President gone on vacation and then flying around the country trying to get ahead of the hurricane story, no one had overseen the Presidential sock drawer and the situation has reached a crisis level. The President believes that ‘Brownie’ is just the man to tackle this important job, and will entrust it to no other.”

“The situation is truly a disaster.” Explained a distraught White House maid. “You got white socks and black socks mixing together with red and blue socks, I think there might even be a few socks missing. I’ll rest easier when Mr. Brown is here to tackle this situation, his clam together demeanor lends me comfort. I’m just glad the nation can spare him from the great work he is doing in New Orleans.”

The administration denied that Brown departure from the Gulf Coast is a demotion and further denies that Brown was leaving because his life was in danger.

“It’s just not true.” Said Lions. “There have been no death threats on Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is not being sent back to Washington because he is a partisan hack who is making the President look like a fool. Mr. Brown is being sent back to Washington because the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has more important things to do than supervise the rescue and rebuilding efforts surrounding the greatest natural disaster to face this country for the last 100 years.”