Fewer Men Fantasizing About Angelina Jolie

A recent survey of 126,394 men revealed that fewer than seven percent admit to having sexual fantasies about mega-talented screen actress Angelina Jolie. Only two years ago the percentage was nearly 15%. Ironically, most men admitted she’s a very talented actress and it may be her extraordinary talent that has caused them to lose sexual desire for her.

“She’s become unapproachable”, said New York bartender Josh Hamilton. “I used to think she’d come into my bar some night, have a few drinks, chat up with me and we’d go home together. Now that she’s being considered for Academy Awards and Golden Globes I just can’t see that happening”.

Jolie has been nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG Award distinctions as best leading actress for her role in director Clint Eastwood’s Changeling.

Some sources also revealed that Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt has also caused them to lose interest.

“I never think about her as anything more than an actress now”, said Bronx construction worker Elmo Jones. “She’s got Brad Pitt. I mean, I can’t compete against that. And she’s got a bunch of kids and a career. What would she see in me?”

Josh Reuben, a Los Angeles stockbroker and admitted former stalker of Jolie, admits that even he has lost interest.

“I don’t even go over to her house anymore”, Reuben confided with Unconfirmed Sources. “She’s got bodyguards and dogs and all that. She’s just not worth going to prison over. I’m starting to think more about stalking Alessandra Ambrosio”.

Some men claimed that they still fantasized about Ms Jolie even though they realized they had little chance of ever having a relationship with her.

“She’s very hot”, said San Fernando sanitation worker Jorge Gonzales. “I still have sexy pictures of her”.

Ms. Jolie admits that she will not miss the frequent gawking from horny males and is appreciative of finally being taken seriously as an actress.