Fidel Castro Has Died

Unconfirmed sources report that Cuban strongman Fidel Castro has died. Castro who has been under going treatment for a severe illness apparently passed away last night at private hospital just outside Havana. The news of Castro’s death has been kept from the people of Cuba and South Florida to hold off the upheaval such news will bring. Our sources indicate that the US government is trying to keep Castro’s death a secret until an invasion force can be assembled.

“If Castro really is dead, it is in nobodies best interest to make the news public.” Says veteran Cuba watcher Juan Valdez. “The Cuban government needs to keep the news quiet until Raul Castro can fully seize control of the levels of power. Raul is a seasoned operator and needs to get his people in place. The American’s don’t want the news to get out because I think they are planning something. The Bay of Pig Part Deux, perhaps. All you can really count on is that the news of Castro’s death will be released when the men in power want it to be released.”

“Castro is alive. As far as we know.” Said White House spokesmen Ben Lion, at a midnight press conference. “Castro is alive and well in a private room on the third floor of a secret hospital. He is resting peacefully on pale blue linens and is enjoying the scent of freshly pick gardenias grown on the hospital’s own grounds. But we really can’t comment on what his situation is. We only know what the Cuban people know.”

Our sources indicate that life on the island is currently peaceful and that the population does yet know that their beloved leader is dead. The people of Cuba are probably just hours away from learning that the only leader many of them have ever know is gone and that a new and unknown chapter in Cuban history awaits them.