Fitness and Nutrition Experts Don't Live Longer Than Anyone Else, According to Study

(University of California, Berkeley) A study of 358 dead fitness and nutrition experts reveal that they did not live any longer than people who knew nothing about fitness and nutrition. Most, in fact, died even younger.

“We have been doing some groundbreaking research into the field of fitness and nutrition and discovered that exercise and eating healthy have nothing to do with living longer or healthier lives”, said longevity expert Dr. Susan Donofrio as she munched on a Cadbury.

According to the report, nutrition expert Cecile Edwards only made it to 78 before succumbing to respiratory failure. Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the Atkins diet, fell to his death on an icy sidewalk at age 72. Exercise physiologist Dr. Edmund Burke died of a heart attack while bicycling at the age of 53. Fitness expert and former President’s Council on Physical Fitness Chairperson Glenn Vincent Swengros died of brain cancer at 67. Running and fitness expert Jim Fixx dropped dead of a heart attack at age 52. She also cited dozens of cases of marathon runners, weight lifters, pro wrestlers, athletes and herbalists who never made it out of their 40’s.

Dr. Donofrio also cited statistics of the world oldest humans and found most of them smoked, drank, ate fatty food and did little in the way of exercise. “The worlds oldest woman lived to be 122 and she smoked several cigarettes a day, ate 2 pounds of chocolate a week and enjoyed nothing more than sitting in her chair”, she claimed.

Donofrio believes there are other factors at work in longevity besides exercise and nutrition.

“As one very old man told me, it’s not what you eat. It’s what’s eating you!” she exclaimed.