Florida, Michigan Democrats consider poll tax to pay for primary revote

(DNC Headquarters : Ucs News) Democrats agree that new voting is needed to determine convention delegates for Florida and Michigan, but they can’t figure out how to pay for it. In a statement released by DNC chair Howard Dean both states are considering a $20.00 poll tax to finance the new primary elections.

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is against the idea as she feels her support base of the working poor will avoid the expense of the election day tax.

While the Obama campaign, flush with 55 million dollars raised in February is apparently considering a subsidy for pledged Obama supports or may just pick up the tab for the entire revote.

Unconfirmed sources inside the DNC also hint that Howard Dean is seeking alternative funding on behalf of the two beleaguered state party organizations. According to the unnamed staffer The McDonald’s corporation is close to a deal to sponsor the votes with a novel “Drive in, Vote in” promotion. The purchase of a big mac to be counted for Hilary, Jr. Cheese burgers for Obama.