Florida Representative Foley Arrested on Return to Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL (Rotters) – Florida Congressional Representative Mark Foley was arrested by federal authorities upon his return to his home district in Palm Beach Florida, late last night. He has been charged as a sexual predator for inappropriate e-mail messages sent to a 16-year-old male congressional page. Foley has reportedly been cooperating with authorities but has angrily denied the charges stating, “I did not have virtual sex with that young man.”

The initial story of the sexualized e-mails was broken by ABC news late last night in conjunction with the weekend end of cycle bad news dump, but the story shows no evidence of disappearing over the weekend.

Further charges of complicity appeared to be surfacing, in regards to Republicans House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Majority Leader John Boehner who appeared to have had knowledge of Foley’s activities and circumvented congressional disciplinary committees in place to deal with such matters. Both today adamantly denied any interventions upon Foley’s behalf and lauded the representative from Florida for his action in resigning his position yesterday. “The fact that my formerly esteemed colleague has been called to the carpet is further evidence of the effectiveness and necessity of the warrantless wiretapping bill for the security of America that we will be handing to the president, next week,” stated Hastert.

Hastert and Boehner praised Foley for his years of service, and his work at promoting legislation against child predators, but stopped short of defending his behavior with the 16-year-old page. Both professed ignorance to Foley’s activities, earlier in the year as they had presented them with an award for his efforts in a mentorship program for congressional pages.

In a related story, conservative bloggers have uncovered and published the name and address of the congressional page in question in an effort to force him to come forwards and confess his degree of complicity in what they describe as the online seduction of representative Foley.