Florida's Charlie Crist Has The Right (And Left) Idea

Am radio pundits have been consistently prattling on about a “clean sweep”…vote out every incumbent Republican and Democratic that holds any political office above dog catcher, fill the halls of state houses and Congress with a new crop of ultra-conservative, government program slashing Tea Party members, arrest and deport every illegal alien (not just the drug runners) and everything in America will be just fine. Actually, an America run by complete novices with the myriad and undisciplined views of the Tea Party candidates who have no idea how things realistically get done in Washington will only result in the kind of anarchy that would make a participant of the French Revolution shake their heads in confusion and go looking for an American Napoleon to take control of the whole mess. Which leads me to Florida’s Charlie Crist.

I can agree (to a point) that the GOP and Democrats have created a polarizing system where no one works together anymore and most of their time is spent protecting their own turf rather than being statesmen and women who try to do what’s right for the country as a whole. But replacing them with a bunch of rank amateurs is no way to resolve the issue. Instead, I’d like to see a bunch of existing Democrats and Republicans, people who know the system, have the right contacts and a working knowledge of the way things really are, disavow their party allegiances, like Charlie Crist has done, and run for office independently.

I don’t know where Charlie Crist stands on every issue- I suspect I don’t agree with most of them. What I do like is that he recognized that his former party, the GOP, had moved too far to the right to for either one to support the other any longer. The Florida GOP is running an ultra conservative, Crist is by all accounts a moderate Republican. I want guys from the middle of both parties to run my country…no flaming Liberals, no hard core Conservatives. They can be a part of it; the “conscience” of their respective parties, but in America there’s just no place for radicalism in a government charged with representing everyone. And we’re still a fifty/fifty nation…anyone who leans too far in either direction won’t represent at least half of the people. That’s just no good and far worse than what we have now.

Moderate Independents can pick and choose, unbound by the entire platform of any party. Scott in Massachusetts, Snowe of Maine, guys like that, although elected as a Republicans, already act as Independents. So does Liberman, even though I hate his freaking guts. But that’s good, that’s what we need, guys who represent based on what they believe, not what the party tells them to do. But still, they’re also guys who know how the system works and can get things done, not just vote no. Throw in a couple of radicals from the Left and Right with a moderate majority to reach consensus and you’ve got a good mix.

So good luck Charlie; I hope both Republicans and Democrats in Florida decide that what you’ve done as governor is good enough to make them forget your former party affiliations and vote for you. I know I’ll disagree with you half of time, and that’s exactly what this country needs.