Following McCain Rally: Mayor of Strongsville Ohio admits "We are morons"

(Strongsville, Ohio) Ucs News– Following the boisterous rants of his fellow citizens during Yesterdays Macain/Palin campaign rally Mayor Thomas P. Perciak of Stongsville was forced to admit. “We are a bunch of morons.”

Perciak, a life long Republican attended the rally in an official capacity welcoming the controversial pair to his city. Perciak stated that he was looking forward to seeing Sarah Palin “whip up the crowd”, However he became concerned when the crowd grew “restless” and began shouting “off color even, violent” remarks aimed at the Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

“I was shocked to hear the basically racist remarks of my fellow citizens. I can see that Strongsville just isn’t ready for a half African American mayor.” said Mayor Perciak. Perciak could only hang is head in shame as Strongville residents explained that Obama was a “one man terror cell” because of his “funny” name.

Joseph Sulzer, the mayor of rival Chillicothe Ohio, explained the reputation of Strongsville. “I know Thomas Perciak pretty well, He’s in a tough spot over there. The folks of Strongsville represent what I call the less fortunate in the brains department. I’m not saying their a bunch of inbred morons, but they sure act like a bunch of inbred morons.”