"For the Love of God, Please End the Suffering," Begs McCain Supporter of Campaign.

Unconfirmed sources are now reporting that close supporters of John McCain are begging the Senator to end his presidential campaign to “End the suffering.” It has become apparent to many that the McCain campaign is wounded, is suffering and needs to be put out of its misery.

“It’s all to clear to me that that the McCain campaign has suffered some grave internal injury and is truly writhing in agony.” Says Washington pundit Bonnie Tankly, of the Washington Picayune. “The campaign is flailing around making wild attacks on friends and foes alike and has lost all coherence and focus. I think ending the life of this campaign would be an act of mercy, really.”

“I can’t see killing the campaign myself.” Says Reverend Bernard Foley, of Columbus Ohio, an ardent McCain supporter. “But the suffering I see is breaking my heart. The campaign is hurting, it is in terrible pain and something must be done. I think the campaign should be taken to a Hospice facility where it can be cared for with dignity during its last days. The parading of this sick and dying campaign across the country is just sordid.”

The McCain campaign itself would not comment on its health, but sources close to it said,” it just ain’t looking so good.”