For The Record; Satire Writer Posts Corrections

In the interests of unbiased and accurate journalism, and to avoid a rash of lawsuits, satire writer NickFun is offering corrections to some of his recent satire stories.

In a story posted on October 26th, Fun claimed that most Americans agree with Juan Williams when they say they get nervous seeing Muslims in airports. The article should have read most Americans secretly get nervous when they see Muslims in airports. Fun regrets the error.

In a story written October 10th, Fun claimed Christine O’Donnell was hospitalized after achieving orgasm. In reality, O’Donnell has never had an orgasm. Fun regrets the error.

In a story dated October 1st, Fun claimed Former Craigslist johns were having trouble finding prostitutes since the site closed down its adult services section. Actually, the johns are having no trouble finding prostitutes. Fun regrets the error.

In a story dated October 10th, Fun stated Meg Whitman is a not a whore. In reality, she is a whore. Fun regrets the error.

In a story dated October 4th, Fun stated that the United States government has developed a weapon that will kill up to 100 people at a time without damaging their bodies. The weapon is actually still being developed at a secret testing facility. Fun regrets the error.

In a story not yet written, Fun claims pop star Justin Bieber had sex with over 100 women in a single night. The actual number is unknown. Fun apologizes in advance for the error,

Fun did say that he will continue to publish erroneous information in the future because, as he says, “that’s what I do!”