Ford: "We lost $12.5 billion in 2006!"

Dearborn (UCS) “We are making plans to get out of the red”, says Ford spokesman

“We are going back to Henry Ford’s original concept.” Ford spokesman, Gregory Watkins said yesterday. ” We have fired or furloughed a large percentage of our workers, closed most plants and are keeping only a small one in Detroit. There we will introduce once again, our most popular vehicle in our 102-year history, the Model T.”

Watkins continued, “Apparently present day customers are weary of the gas guzzling SUV’s and designs which look like everyone elses car. I’m sure the public will love the simplicity of the new 2008 model T’s, with of course a few of our more modern inovations such as GPS tracking systems, iPods, Satellite radio and chromed crank handles.Our 34 remaining employees are already working on the prototype model for next year’s auto show.”