The CIA operates secret prisons in Europe where terrorism suspects can be interrogated and are allegedly tortured, an official inquiry revealed today.
Despite denials by their governments, senior Polish and Romanian security officials have confirmed to the Council of Europe that their countries were used to hold some of America’s most important prisoners captured after 9/11 in secret.

None of the prisoners had access to the Red Cross and many were subject to what George Bush has called the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation, which critics have condemned as torture. Although suspicions about the secret CIA prisons have existed for more than a year, the council’s report appears to offer the first concrete evidence. It also details the prisons’ operations and the identities of some of the prisoners.

Major Julzo Wyrostok, head of the infamous Wosipski prison in Grojov, Poland confirmed that the CIA regularly flew night flights into the prison’s airport, turning over to Wyrostok, inmates from Guantanamo who were ‘ tough to crack’.

Unconfirmed Sources interviewed Major Wyrostok by telephone:

” Last week, I got a phone call from Guantanamo,” said Wyrostok, “from someone who said he was in charge of the Blackwater Interrogation team there, whatever that is, and he said he’s sending me one Omar bin Hassin whom they captured in Iran, and, he said, despite all their ‘informational techniques’ authorized by Alberto Gonzales.. I don’t know who Gonzales is; perhaps the head torturer or something…. anyway, they couldn’t get him to admit anything except that he was 15 years old and worked at a local ‘Wash-your Camel’ place outside of Baghdad. Tuesday night the CIA plane arrived with the guy aboard, and in 24 hours we got him to confess that he personally blew himself up six times, killing twelve coalition troops and fifty three Iraqis.”

“Before I hang up,” continued Wyrostok, “could you please tell an American guy named Dick Cheney. whoever he is, that the thumb screws, boiling oil unit and especially the electro-crotch-shocker machine that his company, Brown and Root, sent us, all work fine and those guys your CIA ships us, now admit to everything…one hundred percent.”