Former Craigslist Johns Finding It Difficult To Find Prostitutes

When 39-year-old Ventura, CA real estate consultant Ryan Reedy wanted a prostitute all he had to do was click an ad on Craigslist and one would be delivered to his door within the hour. However, now that Craigslist has removed the ‘Adult Services’ listing from their site, Reedy and many others like him, now have to go to the streets to find prostitutes.

“It’s such an inconvenience”, Reedy stated. “I tend to work late. By the time I get to the corner many of the good prostitutes are gone and I have to settle for what’s left. Or wait an hour or two until one becomes available”.

Craigslist, the famous online posting site, abruptly ended it’s adult services section several weeks ago with no advanced warning forcing many horny businesspeople to drive to known prostitute corners or check their local free weekly newspaper for prostitute ads.

The prostitutes themselves were also highly inconvenienced by Craigslist removal of the listings.

“I used to just sit at home waiting for the phone to ring”, said Casandra “Candy” Kane. “Now I’ve gotta walk the street like a common hooker!”

Even law enforcement officials have complained about the removal of the ads. “I used to find lots of ladies on there”, said Baltimore, MD police officer Jake McGuire. “Now I’ve gotta do it the old fashioned way by driving around. It sucks!”

“I’m all in favor of it”, said Rev. John Stevens of St. Judas Cathedral. “There’s still plenty of places to find adult services online”.