Former President Bush on Suicide Watch in Philidelphia

Philadelphia, PA (Rotters) – Former president George H. W. Bush today very nearly took his own life at the national Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his own World War II service revolver. The revolver was being returned to him 60 years after he presented it as a gift to a young submarine lieutenant who had rescued him during the war in the Pacific.

After receiving the service revolver from the son of the late Lt. J.G. Alberta Brostrum, the former president was to donate the weapon to the constitutional Center to be put on display along with more than 100 other exhibits on Constitutional history.

Former President Bush examined the empty revolver, and began speaking to the audience of the reasons behind World War II pilots carrying sidearms.

“Optimally your revolver was for self-defense, and maybe for shooting food,” stated the former president. Mr. Bush at that point appeared to hesitate and stare blankly at the empty revolver for a few seconds and according to some witnesses seemed to become teary-eyed. “Of course the unwritten reason that none of us ever really spoke about was for when things went very wrong… when everything was hopeless… when there was absolutely no way out… no hope for your legacy, or your children…” Bush continued.

At that point Mr. Bush calmly began loading the revolver with bullets apparently stashed in his coat pocket. To the stunned silence of those in attendance he cocked the gun and placed the barrel against his left temple. At that point Mr. Bush’s own Secret Service detail wrestled him to the ground and secured the weapon.

The former president was bundled into his motorcade and apparently rushed to an undisclosed hospital. A report issued to the press stated that he was currently under a suicide watch and would likely be transferred to Walter Reed Hospital later this evening.

A spokesman for the White House stated that the current President Bush had been apprised of the situation and at this point was respecting his father’s physician’s wishes in avoiding contact for now.