Former President George Bush Nostalgic for Hollywood Days

Expressing disappointment at his son’s command of the English language, former president George HW Bush today confided to Unconfirmed Sources that plans were in place to go back to using Hollywood actors to fill the role of President of the United States in 2008. The aging Bush, who served his country as head of CIA, where he got extensive experience with the rigging of elections all over the world, before spending twelve years in the White House himself, confessed nostalgia for the days of Ronald Reagan. “He was a moron, too, but he could memorize and deliver the lines we gave him like he meant it. We had the world by the short and curlies back then,” Bush reminisced. “Jr. can’t even handle the teleprompters when we give him a bouncing ball to show him where to pause, and when he tries to ad-lib his press conferences, well, it’s just embarrassing.”

First on the list of prospective successors to the office is Arnold Schwarzenegger who will have completed the term as Governor prerequisite to being cast as a legitimate presidential candidate when the younger Bush leaves office. Bush Sr. conceded that it would be necessary to rewrite the Constitution in order for the Austrian born actor to be installed, but he insisted that it would be “a damn sight easier” than engineering the recall that put him in the California state house. “The Constitution’s been rewritten over twenty times,” said Bush, “usurping political office between elections is something you can only get away with once