Former Republican Senator Phil Gramm Dragged From Home : Beaten by Angry Tax Payers

(DALLAS TEXAS) UCS NEWS– Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm has been hospitalized in critical condition following a riot that destroyed much of his multi-million dollar Dallas home. Rioters angered by Gramm’s roll in the current financial disaster took justice in their own hands ransacking his luxury home beating him “to within an inch of his life” according to the head of trauma at Dallas General Hospital.

According to witnesses, a mob of taxpayers became enraged after Bush administration officials announced that nearly one trillion dollars would be required to bail out the nations failing banks and high flying investment banks. The butt-sore taxpayers, disgusted by the billions of their dollar flowing into the hands of crooked bankers “cracked.”

The Texas Republican Senator Phil Gramm is widely credited inserting a 262-page amendment slipped into an appropriations bill. The amendment forbade federal agencies to regulate the financial derivatives and greased the skids for passing along risky mortgage-backed securities to investors.

Before the attacks Senator Phil Gramm was most recently he top finical adviser of the Republican Presidential candidate John McCain. The Arizona Senator however was forced to fire Gramm after he made several controversial remarks. Gramm suggested the crisis he helped to create was “imaginary” and that America was a “nation of whiners.”

See you in hell Phil Gramm.