Fox Inc. Acquires Google and You-Tube in Stealth Takeover

Mountain View, CA (APE) – Google corporate headquarters today announced that it had been acquired over the weekend in a stealth takeover bid by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Inc for an undisclosed combination of cash and stock. With the acquisition of Google, Murdoch has cornered the Internet, in regards to amateur video distribution and search engine technology.

Google most recently had acquired You in a $1.65 billion offering, and with Murdoch’s recent acquisition of My he stands to corner the market in internet video sharing. Google had already become Fox network’s online advertising agent for My Space, Fox TV and Fox interactive, and its acquisition sets the stage for millions in savings for Murdoch interests.

A spokesperson for Murdoch stated that fans of the search engine should expect the rollout of a faster, slimmed down, new and improved version called GOPle in the coming weeks. The search engine will pare down significantly, the available sources for news items, concentrating almost exclusively on content available from Fox Inc. Other news outlets, for a fee, will be allowed to add content to GOPle, subject to review by Fox editorial staff.

Fox incorporated anticipated no downsizing or layoffs as a result of the merger, and a spokesperson stated that the staff was looking forward to the challenge of bringing fair and balanced Internet searching to the public. They also pledged to remove all existing obstacles to cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, in regards to making individual searches available to appropriate authorities.

Future plans for the new GOPle search engine include the resurrection of the user friendly “Ask Jeeves” once made popular by The new feature will be called “Ask O’Reilly” in which Fox’s popular Bill O’Reilly will take the place of Jeeves, the Butler. Searchers will have their results replaced at random by insults from the right wing commentator, which it is felt will make online searches more enjoyable and increase utilization of GOPle.