Fox News Correspondent Griff Jenkins missing presumed dead after Bloody Denver Riot

(Denver Colorado) Ucs News- Just as Rush Limbaugh promoted and predicted the streets of Denver were set ablaze by violent demonstrations. The opening of the 2008 Democratic convention has brought Barack Obama face to face with his shattered party. Fox News Correspondent Griff Jenkins was covering the unfolding humanitarian crisis when a wave a violent demonstrators swept over his position.

Griff Jenkins, a rookie Fox Television correspondent, waded into the melee with a camera and microphone in hand to see first hand the wounded. Hoping to get a graphic image of the bloody violence, Jenkins was caught in a rush of rioters when Denver police assaulted a barricade constructed on burning cars.

The crowd came ten, twelve abreast up the street. One group held up a banner saying No War In Iran. Chanting was happening. Griff reported the scene as a discontented, perhaps unstable, mob out to assault the Citizens of Denver. After being pushed to the ground the video feed an audio were cut.

As night fell there was no sign of Griff Jenkins. Denver officials have identified the 65 wounded and 15 dead, Jenkins not among them. Fox News is calling Jenkins the next Daniel Pearlman. “We just pray for his safe return” said Fox news director Ben Lyon.