Fox News Sues White House to Get $200 Million in Payoffs!

Unconfirmed sources report that Fox News has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to recover payoffs from the White House for doing it’s bidding in national media markets. The lawsuit contends that since Fox blindly repeated everything the White House said, Fox is entitled to be paid off like other media figures.

“This is not a complicated affair,” said Fox News Channel Chairman Roger Ailes. “We shamelessly pushed the Bush administration’s plans and scams and now we expect to be paid for our work. It’s that simple. Sure we were willing to do it for free, but once we found out that the President was paying people to do what we were doing for free, we felt we were getting taken advantage of. So we want the money, and I have to tell you $200 million for all the coverage we gave him is dirt cheap.”

“I’m with Fox on this one,” said President and CEO of Media Matters for America, a media watch dog group. “Fox did the work and they should get paid off just like Jeff Gannon, Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher. These people have all provided a service for the White House and should be paid. If the White House doesn’t pay up I think it will send a horrible message to journalists out there. Payola pundits and journalists need to be assured that if they are going to haul the White House’s water they are going to get paid, if the payola system breaks down it will be a sad day for the American people.”

Our sources also indicate that Alies has forbid any of his Fox News staff from saying anything flattering about the president or his policies until the lawsuit has been settled.

For more information about his lawsuit visit Media Matters.