Fox News Warns President Obama – "Don't Squeeze Our Tea Bags"

“I’ve been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you,” quipped United States President Barack Obama at a Miami, Florida fund-raising dinner…or luncheon, or breakfast or coffee break or late night snack…no one else I saw but Fox reported on it and they forgot to mention it. Or I missed it- it’s really hard to read an entire Fox News (We Report- You Deride) report all the way through and I slept late and, well, it’s just not that important. The point is that Fox got really upset that Mr. Obama made a joke about their new political party. They’re pretty touchy about stuff like that. I understand. I get upset when someone jokes about my haircut too. So they got some guys to say some of the quotes that follow:

“What the president said last night was arrogant and smug and a perfect example of why the Tea Party is so intense and so organized” said Republican Terry Holt, a top Republican strategist. The comment is ominous and should be heeded by the White House, since anyone who’s been developing stragidty for the GOP over the last two or three years is an intellect to reckoned with.

But still, The Tea Party, or TP, adherents ( and don’t you just hate it when you adhere to your TP, or vice-versa?) have a point. According to the President’s top economist, Larry Summers, in 2009 Middle Class and poorer Americans were afflicted with $173 billion in tax cuts, which averages, with payroll tax refunds, college tuition relief, and the first-time homebuyer credit, and energy-efficiency credits, up to $3,000 in federal refunds last year and up 10 percent from the previous year.

But Tea Partiers are anti federal deficits, debt, and taxes, as well as the tax implications of financing the mounting federal debt, which is $12 trillion and rising. This is why the TP says it should have stuck to former President Bill Clinton’s policies in the 1990’s, whose budget surpluses are constantly held up by the Tea Party as a symbol of good government…or would be anyway if Bill Clinton wasn’t a Democrat.

What actually rankles the TP is that the Movement, of which nearly 80% used to or either still identify themselves as Republican, is actually responsible in large part for the current Great Recession, due to their voting for George W. Bush’s Great 2001 Tax Giveaway ( “If you vote for me, I’ll give you all $350.00”) and his borrowing from Communist China to fund his tax cuts and the War In Iraq. So they voted themselves into this mess in the first place by ignoring the fact that while Republicans may be great at actually making money for themselves, they really suck at managing an economy.

Some examples: Warren G. Harding? A Recession in 1921. Herbert Hoover? The Great Depression. Eisenhower? Recessions in 1953 and 57. Nixon? Stagflation 73-75. Ronald Reagan? Recession 1980-82. George Bush I? Recession two out of four years. Bush II? Same thing, twice, including the one Obama’s been stuck with. Actually, every major Recession or Depression since the end of the Civil War started under a Republican Administration and ended under a Democratic one. Tea Partiers hate it when you point that shit out to them. (I know this because I stole this last paragraph from another article I wrote in 2008 and got so much negative feedback from that the moderator had to cut off all comments…he’s just as touchy as the Tea Party.)

As well as the economy, the TP is also concerned about affordable healthcare. Apparently, they don’t want to be healthy and Mr. Obama has been trying really hard to make them go see a doctor, although, in this writer’s view at least, they really ought to… mental illness is a terrible thing. But according to Fox and other Conservative pudnits such as Rush Limbaugh, affordable Healthcare Programs represent a drift towards Socialism and as everybody knows, Conservatives are a pretty unsociable lot. (That’s odd too… you would think Rush Limbaugh would actually support access to affordable prescription drugs, after spending so many years trying to get them. And after listening to just a half hour of Glen Beck it was obvious that he needed to take something…I can tell you by the time I finally switched channels I sure needed to.) But politics is a funny thing, or it would be if I wasn’t allowed to write about it.

Anyway, Fox also reported that the…”latest New York Times / CBS news poll shows 92 percent of Tea Party members fear moves toward socialism. Fifty-two percent of 1,580 adults surveyed saw the same drift but 38 percent did not.”. I’m not sure exactly what that means. I didn’t see the question or who they asked- they could’ve been standing at a Tea Party rally for all I know. Anyway, it’s not important, because I fear Socialism too; I’m not sociable either- people are a real pain in the ass. But people equate Socialism with Communism, mostly because the Soviets used the word Socialism in their name and who wants to be a Commie? Using that logic, we should also fear Democracy and a Republic (which the United States is) because the Democratic Republic of Congo uses those words in their name and they keep cutting off people’s arms. The also confuse “Socialism” with “Social Programs” such as Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and unemployment insurance…many of the same programs I’ll bet a lot of the Tea Partier’s use themselves. I mean, have you looked at these people?

So, having reached 965 words, I’ll end now. No one should have to read more than 1,000 of this crap anymore than they should have to listen to Fox or Rush Limbaugh. Michael Wiener (of the Savage Nation) though, now there’s…(1000 words. Sorry.). Wait! I counted the title too, so I can…