Fox News Withdraws Ron Paul from 2008 Presidential Race

Unconfirmed sources report that the Fox News Network has officially withdrawn Texas Congressman and web favorite Ron Paul from the 2008 Presidential race. The news of Ron Paul’s withdrawal came during an interview with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes last night. While answering why Fox refused to let Ron Paul participate in a Fox sponsored debate in New Hampshire, Ailes said “…we’ve had enough of Ron Paul’s gimmicks so we’re withdrawing him from consideration.”

The Internet has since exploded with rage at Fox for unilaterally withdrawing a candidate from the race. Ron Paul supporters and free speech activists alike have mounted a massive effort to bring attention to this event. It appears as if efforts to punish Fox are already taking effect.

The Fox News website is down and demonstrations are taking place at Fox affiliate stations nation wide. A Fox News boycott has been announced and regular Fox advertisers are being pressured to pull their ads from the network.

The Ron Paul campaign has stated that Ron Paul has not withdrawn from the race. Ron Paul has also pulled all of his advertising money from Fox stations and has vowed to stay in the race until the end.

A Fox News spokesman refused to comment on the Ron Paul scandal, but said Fox would continue to cover the election in the same fair and balanced manner that Fox viewers are accustomed to.