Framing Tips for Your Copy of Tom Delay's Bill Of Indictment

If you are like me you have waited a long time to get your copy of the Tom Delay’s Bill of Indictment, now that you have it what are you going to do? For those of you who haven’t gotten yours, go here, its free and it’s the real deal. It only four pages so get out the nice paper and make your very own. Now what to do.

First of all, like all memorabilia getting the Bill of Indictment signed will greatly increase it’s value. Lucky for us Tom Delay’s office has announced that Mr. Delay will be signing copies of the documents at his office from 1pm to 5 pm tomorrow. The signatures are free but a donation to Tom’s Legal defense fund would be appreciated.

I spoke with my local framing expert Deborah Burnett about how to handle these special documents and these are her recommendations:

Instead of framing documents with the typical black document frame, use an oversized wide profile style to give the items a custom. Be sure to coordinate the mat with the frame for a unified appearance.

Select a mat with a texture–suede or embroidered mats always add a touch of class to any document.

Try adding a filet (small inner frame) to the rim of the inside mat for a unique look. Pieces of filet can also be added around the edges of the image for a creative design that will set your document apart (hot-glue the five- to six-inch pieces directly to the under mat in the two opposite corners).

For a special document, add a second frame to the first smaller one (this is called a “capped frame” treatment. It requires special talent and tools, so be sure to ask if your frame shop is qualified to perform this technique.

I’m going to display my copy in a gilded frame with a light cr