Fred Thompson Announces Coming Announcement

Former Senator and TV actor Fred Thompson has announced that he will be making an announcement in July. Thompson, who was coy about what the announcement will be, but was none the less very excited by it. “It’s an announcement and I think people will like it.” Said Thompson.

The announcement of the coming announcement was announced during an interview with USA Today. During the interview Thompson announced that he, while not making a formal announcement, was making a suggestion of a pre-announcement that might soon be followed by a formal announcement of his pre-announcement.

“Thompson is playing it very close to the vest.” Says Washington watcher Andrew Sullivan. “The timing of a pre-announcement announcement is a very tricky thing and I think Thompson has got it just about right. You don’t want to pre-announce your announcement too soon because that could wreck the announcement if it comes too late. It’s very complicated as you can see.”