Fred Thompson quits race : Mitt Romney reaches out to supporters

(Virginia : Ucs News) Fred Thompson’s political dream ended today, a short announcement by e-mail put an end to the hopes of his supporters. Upon hearing the new of his withdrawn Mitt Romney canceled his afternoon schedule to personally contact Thompson’s support base, all 17 of them.

Romney’s staff explained it’s a great opportunity for the former Massachusetts Governor to pick up much needed support for his campaign. The 17 Thompson supporters would be a tremendous boost to Romney’s campaign on super Tuesday.

In a jumbled field of GOP has beens and also rans the former Tennessee Senator-cum-actor seemed an ideal heir to Ronald Reagan’s legacy. Thompson’s his eight-year Senate record on taxes, social issues and foreign policy were in lockstep with conservative tenets, earning him an 86% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.

Lacking charisma and any real political vision he understood that unwavering conservatism was his only asset. According to the Thompson’s campaign he personally contacted all 17 of his supports before he made the announcement.