Fresh Face Takes Lead in Republican Polls

(Washington : Ucs News) Unconfirmed Sources report that Biscuits has taken the lead in the Republican Presidential race. A new Gallup poll to be released tomorrow shows the feisty pup is now the top dog. According to pollsters, “Biscuits is the fresh face conservatives have been looking for.”

Political analysts are scrambling to learn more about the scrappy little Republican. Apparently, Biscuits has found a message that rings true to GOP faithful. Born into an evangelical family, Biscuits has the religious credentials many find lacking in the presumed front runners Giuliani and McCain. To others, his demands for small govenment and moderate social positions recalls the long dissipated “Goldwater Republcian.”

The little guy from Wabash, Tennessee has turned the polls upside down. Follow up questions by pollsters showed that Biscuits pulled support from both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. While many have been watching Tommy Thompsons’ exploratory committee criss-cross the nation, Biscuits quietly raised over 22 million dollars going door to door in the south and west.