From The Desk of Osama Bin Laden:

Hello my friends of the world, I’m happy to be speaking with you again. Today I feel Allah is truly blessing me. Who could have predicted after the fall of the Taliban that I would have enjoyed such peace to continue my work. In this case, I would personally like to thank the people of America for your choice of George W. Bush in the 2004 election. You have allowed the incompetence of the Bush Administration to struggle forward for another 4 years, thus allowing my Al-Qaeda to shape world politics. And thanks for giving me Iraq to play with, you have created a fantastic new recruiting tool!

However, while I praise the American public for their willingness to follow any idiot they see on the television I do feel the tide is turning. I agree that George W. Bush is a master at public relations or the lucky benefactor of a strange twist of fate. How could it be that when Al-Qaeda attacks, showing the war on terror is a failure, George W. Bush only grows in popularity? It’s a world upside down.

Now we come to 2006, is the natural order of cause and effect being restored? To my relief the rules of reality seem to be returning. After the foiled attacks in the UK, George W. Bush did not enjoy the usual “terror bounce” . To my relief the people of America may have come to their senses. Now when they see a terror attack they know the truth, George B. Bush has failed to make the world safer.

So, on to the question you may be asking yourself? Is Dick Cheney right? Do I Osama Bin Laden support Ned Lamont? Yes I do support Ned Lamont. Would his victory end the Republican majority in the US congress? Maybe. Would this mean the US may someday really fight the root causes of global terrorism? Possibly. Would this lead to the capture and killing of me? Could be. But that would be the natural order restored.

Thank you for reading.
Yours truly,
Osama Bin Laden
God Bless you all