FUD Futures Soar on News of McCain Campaign Going All Negitive

Unconfirmed sources are reporting a massive surge in the price of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) futures on overseas markets today. The surge in price has been attributed to the announcement that the McCain campaign is going to go all negative all the time in a desperate bid to pull off a victory over Barack Obama. The price on one ton of FUD for mid October delivery has spiked to an all time high of $672.

“I’ve never seen a FUD futures market go off like this.” Says FUD expert Rafe Needlmen of Cent .com and Webware.com. “The use of FUD in the technology sector has had a long and storied history, but its use is more steady and dose not produce spikes like this, as compared to the use of FUD in politics which is often unpredictable. My guess is that FUD traders are expecting a truly massive FUD buying spree from the McCain campaign and are stepping in to make a quick buck.”

The surge in prices spells bad news for the McCain campaign, as the cost of waging a massively negative campaign just got more expensive. One wonders if McCain forces should have announced the change in strategy before they made their FUD buy, as they are already facing a funding disadvantage. The condition of the FUD market could make an effective negative campaign impossible unless over funding sources are found.