Gal Pals Lohan, Ronson seen with Palin in New York

New York, NY (DMZ) – Prominent gal pal media darlings Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were spotted at a Charlotte Ronson fashion show in New York City with none other than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s new celebrity vice presidential candidate. The three appeared to immensely enjoy themselves at Ronson’s sister Charlotte’s fashion show and reveled in the attention from paparazzi and press.

Despite a McCain campaign blackout on media commentary, Palin offered some off-the-cuff remarks to press and well-wishers before she, Lohan and Ronson were spirited away from the crowds and cameras and into the auditorium’s VP suite.

“I just wanted to make sure that I came and thanked in person this fine young lady who sent Bristol the baby blankets and kind thoughts,” stated Palin. “And I also want to say that it’s amazing that she has been able to keep her figure, considering that she is just as far along as Bristol. I’ve had a great conversation with Sam, and he seems like a fine young man and I think he’ll do the right thing by Lindsay.”

She went on to state that she had garnered verbal commitments from Lohan and Ronson in support of her abstinence only birth control and sex education policies.

Palin was observed to take notes or refer to documents throughout the fashion show, leaving observers to wonder if she was simply continuing the massive amount of work to bring herself up to speed as the Republican vice presidential pick, or was indeed interested in some of Charlotte Ronson’s fall offerings.

“This whole thing really has been sort of like a massive speed date, and I’ve been struggling to keep up,” Palin said when questioned about her recent pic as running mate for Sen. John McCain. “I was frankly blindsided when our new first lady Cindy McCain showed up with a $300,000 dress at the convention in Minneapolis. I’ve gotten some great ideas at this show, and I can promise you I’ll be looking a lot more vice presidential in the future. Celebrity is not something that one wishes for, or can create, but sometimes it is thrust upon you, and you have to rise to the challenge.”

The McCain campaign announced that Palin would be sitting down with fashion and entertainment industry lobbyists to examine ideas for a proposed $500,000 custom dress to be unveiled just prior to the November 4 election. Critics have labeled the project as “the dress to nowhere”.