Gates/Buffett Make Forbes List Again

New York, NY (APE) – This month’s special issue of Forbes Magazine features the publisher’s annual list of the world’s poorest individuals, and again this year Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates and financier Warren Buffett finished dead last. Forbes reported that the bottom 100th of a percent of the list had grown to 946, up over 200 from last year.

The magazine made an attempt to track down people living on less than $1-$2 per day all across the globe in an effort to identify the world’s poorest individuals. After attempting to sort through a list of over 50 billion eligible people worldwide, the magazine’s editorial staff gave up and just attempted to select one deserving person for an interview. The magazine eventually named an unidentified five-year-old male child from Darfur as the world’s poorest individual, but he subsequently died after his picture was taken and was unable to complete an interview. No family members were available for comment.

Forbes also listed countries most responsible for advancing poverty and Sudan finished first, with China, America, and India finishing in the top 10. A list was also compiled of global corporations most responsible for advancing poverty, but it was declared too controversial and not included.