George Bush to GOP on Blocking Dubai World Ports Bill: "Call me Democrat!"

(Washington, D.C.) It made Howard Dean scream like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton went to a New Orleans voodoo shop and said, “Give me that Bush doll and a sh*tload of pins.” In a surprising move to Republicans threatening to defeat President Bush’s bill of Dubai World Ports taking over key U.S. waterfronts the President announced, “I am a Democrat.”

Actually, a profusely sweating White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan made the announcement. As he stood at the pressroom podium, his hands shook as he clutched the Pepto-Bismol stained release. “Uh, the President said today in reaction to the, uh, ‘sleazy’ attempts by Republicans to link funds for National Security and Katrina relief, uh, ‘you (expletive deleted) bags, and I mean Ramses (expletive deleted) bags not even Trojans, you’re not going to have me to kick around anymore. I’m now, uh, uh