George W. Bush admits "Yes! I looted Social Security, But I gave the money to the rich…."

Unconfirmedsources report the president made the remarks to the Saudi Royal Prince during his stay at the White House. During a seven course lunch the two leaders were comparing the merits of being a royal dictator or a corrupt public official. The friendly banter ended however when the Royal Price asked Mr. Bush, “what happened to the huge budget surplus in the social security trust fund? Will the American budget deficits reduce demand for Saudi crude oil? ”

President Bush explained to the Saudi Leader “Yes! I looted social security but I gave the money to the rich so they could buy more SUV’s and luxury yachts.” The Saudi agreed that would be a good way to increase demand for oil but was concerned for the fate of the working people of America. The unelected Royal Prince, who is not usually concerned with the will of the people, then asked Mr. Bush to explain.

“Mr. President, do you think it is okay to use the working mans’ payroll tax to fund tax cuts for the super rich?” The president replied he wasn’t concerned. “Hell no Prince, The American people are true patriots, they support everything I do. And for those who don’t, I just thump the bible a few times and they fall right into line. Remember I’m the defender of the faith in the United States.”

Grover Norquist reacted to the Presidents remarks. “Why should George W. Bush be concerned about looting social security to pay for the Iraq war and tax cuts for the rich. He has made the financial health of the social security system a top priority so he should make sure there is really a problem.” Other political analysts agree that after the failure to find WMD in Iraq, despite spending nearly 300 billion dollars, the President had better make sure there really is a problem with social security before he tries to “fix” it.

The Government Accounting Office has confirmed, the 1.2 trillion dollar Bush tax cuts for the rich paid for with the social security payroll tax guarantees the social security system will collapse. Grover Norguist commented “I support the failure of social security, hell we need more tax cuts so the system can fail before the 2006 mid-term elections.”