George W. Bush And The World's Most Dangerous Game

Look, you all know what’s going to happen by next…given any pretext at all, George W. Bush will attack and invade Iran. He’s already said he’ll do it. Why? Why would a man who’s been bitten so badly by his pre-emptive invasion and occupation of Iraq, which by this point has devolved into anarchy, mayhem and civil war and that according to the latest Pentagon report has resulted in America’s complete political loss of control of the al-Anbar Province, or one third of the entire country, try to do it again? What would make him think that he could have any more success in Iran? The answer is that George Bush faces the classic gambler’s dilemma…when you’re really losing, the only thing to do is keep playing till you don’t have a single chip left and hope to pull out a win. Unfortunately for us, we’re the chips…and not just our military forces any longer, but our entire country.

George Bush is playing the most dangerous game the world can imagine…total global war. But it will not the traditional World Wars we fought in the last century; then we knew exactly who our enemies were, where they were and what they wanted. Those weren’t so much poker games as boxing match’s. You kept bobbing, weaving and slugging it out until the stronger guy won. This is way different, way worse and way more difficult. It’s not impossible I guess, but it requires a player with far more skill than George W. Bush has. And that’s the point.

In one way, Mr. Bush is actually right. It doesn’t matter any longer whether or not you think (as I do) that it was America’s policies in the Middle East that caused the attacks of 9/11 in the first place…it doesn’t matter if you believe (as I also do) that invading Afghanistan was the right response to those attacks, or even (as I most certainly do not) that the invasion of Iraq was proper. What matters, as President Bush and his new spokesman Tony Snow like to say, is what we’ll do now. But more importantly than that, the big thing is: who do we want to lead us? Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, ask yourself: Do you really want to ‘stay this course’? Do you honestly believe George W. Bush and those in Congress that supported him are the ones to lead us out of this?

In the last five years George W. Bush has proven himself to be a loser. He lost our money, he’s lost Iraq and is losing Afghanistan, he’s lost our post 9/11 unity at home and lost the goodwill and sympathy that the world felt for America after those attacks. He’s lost more than 2,600 American soldier’s lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi’s that were under his care. He’s lost his own Party’s trust in particular and the whole country’s trust in general…just look at the opinion polls. He’s lost America’s moral superiority and moral compass. And the biggest problem is that this is man who’ll keep his seat at the table, gambling with our country and our very lives, for the next two plus years. We’re backing a loser, whether we want to or not. And the Republican controlled Senate and Congress are the reason. They backed Bush’s play each and every time. Just because two or three of them are finally fighting back on one or two of the most egregious issues doesn’t change a damn thing. That’s just the elections talking.

The only thing we can do at this point is put better people in place that will tell him how to play…when to hold em, when to fold em, as it were. For those of you who still aren’t paying attention, that would be a new Congress, a new Senate and most of all, us. We all let this happen as much as anyone, from the President on down. We did it because we let Bush, Cheney, Rove and Wolfowitz name the game and frame the debate. They told us if we were against them we were weak, we were for the Terrorists, we were traitors, and we, God help us, bought it. Well, as Patrick Henry said, “If this be treason, make the most of it.” Be a good American. Vote. Our nation, and everything it means, is at stake.