George W. Bush Announces new Terror Alert System

(Washington D.C. : UCS News) With the US congress set to vote on a resolution against the troop increase in Iraq, The President is concerned this action will only serve to embolden the terrorists. To help show just how dangerous democratic debate is the President announced the creation of the New Terrorist Emboldenment Meter.

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates regularly condemn critics of the Bush Administrations war policy as it only serves to “embolden the terrorists”. The New Terrorist Boldness Meter lets the Bush administration explain the dangerous consequences of dissent. George W. Bush expects New Terrorist Emboldenment Meter will finally show just how important it is to quietly follow the lead of the President no matter how much you disagree.

New Terrorist Emboldenment Meter graphically displays the Terrorists level of emboldenment. The Emboldenment level is to be set by the Presidents Terror Emboldenment task force. The Emboldenment levels are “Not bold”, “Starting to get Bold”, “Bold”, “Bolder”, “Highly Emboldened” and “Fully Emboldened”.

The Bush administration has also explained that any level above “Starting to get Bold” is a great danger to the lives of US citizens.

According to the President New Terrorist Emboldenment Meter and the Homeland Security Terror Advisory System will be used to maintain and manipulate the fear level of Americans as the country faces important choices in the run up to the 2008 Presidential election.