George W. Bush Announces Plan to Run for Third Term in '08

Unconfirmed sources report that, after reflecting on his future legacy, the President has decided to seek a third term in office. Bush White House insiders indicate that after skimming the book, “When Trumpets Call,” by Patricia O’Toole, the President has decided that he has too much work to do and the remaining three years of his Presidency just aren’t enough time.

The book, “When Trumpets Call,” by Patricia O’Toole, examines the frustration Roosevelt felt and his inability to let go after leaving office in 1909. This seems to have struck a chord with a President who is know as an intellectually relentless man with dreams too big to be contained by two four year terms.

“The President just has too much he wants to accomplish.” said White House spokesman Ben Lion. “He needs more time to fully realize his goals for the country. He understands that there are a few technical obstacles in the way for a third term, but our legal team is examining these closely. We are a country at war and the powers granted to the ‘Commander and Chief’ during war time are extensive and not fully defined. We will research the issue and explain how it can legally be done.”

Legal experts familiar with the legal problems surrounding a third Bush term are divided about how difficult it would be to achieve.

“I don’t see that this is going to be a problem at all.” says Heritage Foundation Chair Bill Winthrop III. “We’ve actually done all the research. We did it back during the Regan administration. We figure it will only take an act of war, one law and an executive order. If the President wants it done we can knock it off in a few weeks.”

“I disagree with my friends view of the situation.” says David Frum from the Project for a New American Century. “The powers granted to the President during war time already account for changing commanders in the middle of a war. Secret provisions in the constitution dictate that during war time a President can decide to remain in office past his allotted terms. All this talk of constitutional barriers is bunk.”

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