George W. Bush Approval Ratings Plunge to Record Lows : Laura Demands Separation

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News : Laura Bush’s chief of staff, Anita McBride, has confirmed the First Lady has filed court papers officially separating from President George W. Bush. According to McBride, the President low polling numbers has made Laura’s position as First Lady “untenable”.

White House staffers are shocked at news of the “resignation” of Laura Bush. McBride stated “Laura his shown amazing grace under the pressure of a failing administration.” While McBride denied rumors that Laura Bush is seeing Rush Limbaugh, she does admit the two are “friends that share common interests”.

Rush Limbaugh himself has been tight lipped about the affair. Rush has instead focused on his own political successes in Texas. In recent weeks Rush inspired Texas Republicans to interfere with the Democratic primary. A study of polling results suggested that Limbaugh’s mischief may have caused more than 120,000 Texas Republicans to Vote for Hilary Clinton in an attempt to stop Barack Obama’s nomination.

Sources close to Limbaugh are suggesting that Laura Bush is attracted to him because “Rush is now showing some real political power in her home state of Texas.”