George W. Bush at APEC Summit: A Bruising Experience

Mexican President Vicente Fox beat the crap of American President George W. Bush on the opening day of the APEC Summit. The altercation took place after George Bush, apparently mistaking President Fox for a waiter, asked him for a plate of Arroz con Pollo and a bottle of water, “Real American water, not that South of the Boarder shit.”

President Fox inflicted numerous body blows on Bush as well a well placed kick to the groin. ” Madre Mio,” Fox was quoted as saying, ” I just couldn’t take it anymore. This is the second time that bastard has done this to me. Once, he asked me if I wanted to sell him my sister.”

The Presidents trip to Santiago, Chile was supposed to be a fence mending exercise, but things got off to a rocky start minutes after Air Force one landed. As he stood at the planes cabin door President Bush made a statement that said in part, ” I’d like to thank all my little brown brothers south of border for inviting me to your shitty little country. Let’s Fiesta!”

Unnamed Administration source Wegman “Pudgy” Waterhouse said, ” I guess you could say it was all my fault for not correctly identifying President Fox to President Bush, but man, these guys all look alike.”

Several other APEC members were equally insulted by the President. Japans Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi was mistaken by Mr. Bush for a gardener and stood by in shock while Mr. Bush berated him for using the wrong type of fertilizer on the roses.
Russian President Vladimir Putin sported a pair of mirrored sunglasses in a effort to stop the American President from looking into his soul.

As soon as he realized his mistake President Bush, by way of apology, offered President Fox a temporary Green Card so that he could, in the Presidents words, ” Come north of the Rio Grande and find himself a real job, one that pays Americano dinero.” President Fox had to be pulled away from Mr. Bush again after he then tried to strangle the US President.