George W. Bush Blames Democrats for his Failure in Iraq.

TOBYHANNA, Pa. – President Bush forcefully attacked critics of the war in Iraq on Friday, accusing them of causing his policies to fail. In his speech, the President repeatedly blasted Democratic critics for supporting his war. In front of a hand picked crowd of Republican veterans The President harangued, “They voted to support my war and they must accept the blame.”

To the Presidents dismay, Democratic leaders Harry Reid (Utah), Hillary Clinton (New-York) and Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts) all voted to authorize the use of force but then withdrew their support for the war when public support faded. The Bush administration cites this as a major factor fueling the insurgency in Iraq.

The President feels it’s about time the Democrats take some responsibility for his actions. Karl Rove speaking off the record after the Bush speech explained the Presidents course of action. “With the US military misfiring Iraq, the Bush administration is targeting the Democratic insurgency.” To Washington insiders it seems The President has decided to fight the global war on terror here in the USA rather than in Iraq and Pakistan.

Some Democrats do feel they failed the President. Howard Dean, DNC chair explained. “We are the loyal opposition, when we broke ranks to support the war it threw the President off balance. Without the Democratic parties’ moral compass pointing in the opposite direction George Bush just doesn’t know where to go.”