George W. Bush Blames Mom for Troubles in Iraq

Unconfirmed Sources report the Bush Administration has decided not to accept full responsibility for the problems in Iraq. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters the Administration has found the root cause of the Problems in Iraq. “It’s not Osama Bin Laden, It’s not Zarqoui or the Taliban, the cause of instability in Iraq is in fact the iron matriarch of the Bush clan herself, Barbara Bush, the President’s mom.”

The administration was forced to admit the findings after a Secret CIA report was leaked to Robert Novak then passed to senior White House staffers. In his column Novak stated the Gulf war policy of George Bush Senior was shaped by Barbara Bush and it is the direct cause of the current problems. The leaked report details Barbara’s decision not to topple Saddam and she was the mind behind the failed policy of containment.

Barbara Bush blasted back at Washington officials but carefully avoided references to her son George W. Bush. “My son was led astray by George Tenet of the CIA and by congressional Democrats who voted to support his war plans.” Mrs. Bush is also said to be thankful that her son has the help of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Speaking to reporters from Kennebunkport, Maine Barbara Bush explained her feelings for Dick Cheney. “I just love that little Dickie he works so hard to make sure my son has the right tools to fight terror. Our nation must be able to torture people if we want continue our struggle against tyranny.”

Kennebunkport hair dresser Missy Schmitz defends Barbarass policy decisions. “I see Barbara all the time, she’s a sweet old lady, but she looks out for her boys. She would never create a policy that caused her sons trouble.

After weeks of speculation George Bush Senior finally came to the defense of his wife. “Hey, leave Barbara out of this. My son George trashed Iraq and he should take the blame.”