George W. Bush calls for President's Impeachment

(Washington, Ucs News) George W. Bush shocked the White House press core today when he called for the President to be impeached. Mr. Bush criticized The Presidents the handling of the Iraq war and personally holds the commander and chief responsible for the debt and death incurred.

George W. Bush then urge lawmakers to use a little-known provision in U.S. House rules to petition for President ‘s impeachment.

“Jefferson’s Manual” lays out several procedures under which the U.S. House can start the impeachment process. Under the Constitution, the House drafts articles of impeachment, which are similar to a set of criminal charges, and the impeachment case is tried in the Senate.

Bush went on to admonish the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for “Taking impeachment off the table”, according to George W. Bush “Pelosi has taken a weak stance against an incompetent, corrupt lame duck President.”