George W. Bush Calls Robertson a Skanky Liar

The Reverend Pat Robertson, in a CNN interview earlier this week said he warned President George W. Bush that there would be heavy casualties in any war with Iraq but his warning was dismissed by Mr. Bush who assured the 700 Club’s founder that he was “just a stupid little weenie” if he didn’t support the President is his quest for World Domination.

The Bush Administration has responded by calling Reverend Robertson a “dirty little liar” and “a closet Democrat”, hinting that Robertson is secretly working with a Terrorist Organization (The Democratic National Committee).

Mr. Robertson has dismissed those charges saying, ” Look, just because the little jerk didn’t listen to me in the first place, then refused to acknowledge his mistake later on, then called me a liar on top of it all, I still believe God has told me that George Bush would win the upcoming election, or maybe it was Kerry, I can’t remember exactly.”

God, speaking on the condition that He was gonna put the Smite on anyone who called Him a liar said, ” To be honest, I never actually have ever talked to Robertson, he’s always been a bit full of himself and I can’t stand that, but I gotta tell ya, he was spot on in his assessment of the Iraq thing. Of course, anyone with one iota of brains should have been able to see what was gonna happen if that little wacko Bush went in there (Iraq) without any plan. As for the election, I actually think I’m leaning towards Kerry, but for now tick me into the undecided category…it’s more fun that way. Makes it a real Cliffhanger, ya know?”

Unnamed White House Source Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, ” We’re quite a bit pissed off at both Pat Robertson and God for their statements. However, I’m happy to announce that Saint Peter has come out strongly in our favor as well as most of the Heavenly Choir. Of course the support of non-voting Angels isn’t gonna put George Bush back in the White House; voter fraud will take care of that little problem, thank you very much.”