George W. Bush Demands: Kim Jong-il and Mark Foley "shut up already!"

(Washington D.C.) Ucs news- George W. Bush took Mark Foley and the Korean leader Kim Jong-il to task today. The President demanded the pair “Stop bombing the news, I’m trying to will an election!” The President is upset with Kim Jong-il and Mark Foley grabbing headlines Mr. Bush and Rove can’t control the national agenda to his advantage.

Republican Representative Mark Foley can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. According to GOP strategists “The pervert Foley did the right thing by resigning but then he insisted on telling the world he was Gay, them drunk and now he has denounced his 75 year old paster Fred phelps as an abuser.” The tabloids are loving this, but the GOP base is disgusted and the scandal shows no sign of abating.

To make matters worse Kim Jong-il is showing the Presidents foreign policy is also a complete failure. With Iraq disintegrating and dissolving the US military with it, Korean leader Kim Jong-il has only be emboldened. Experts agree that tough talk from the President is not going to bring North Korea to heel. To make matters worse President Bush’s only solution to the Korean problem has been to blame Bill Clinton.

With the election only a few weeks away President George W. Bush can’t get control of the national agenda, the Korean crisis, the Iraq war or his own parties moral failings. Many are suggesting George W, Bush is more concerned with power and politics while ignoring policy. The polls are showing, American voters have had enough of the Presidents excuses. The American public are taking responsibility for our national problems, the voters will make a change.