George W. Bush Demands "More Troops and Less Talk"

(WASHINGTON, Ucs News) President George W. Bush announced today there will be no announcement on Iraq policy. The President has been working around the clock to develop a new strategy for Iraq. Administration officials dismissed the idea that The President delayed the new plan because he has no plan. “It’s not that we don’t have a plan…’s just not a good one.” according to Press Secretary Tony Snow.

The Bush administration has decided to ignore the midterm election results and the polls showing dissatisfaction with the war Iraq policy, instead of bringing troops home the administration is planning to send more. George W. Bush thinks sending Christians into a Moslem sectarian conflict is logical.

Vice President has taken time of from threatening US voters to help with the details of what he calls “M-16 diplomacy”. According to Cheney “We must send more troops so we can kill our way to peace in Iraq.”

According to the new House majority leader, Nancy Pelosi “The Bush administration is seeking a graceful way to obey the voters mandate, without actually following the voters intentions.” The administration is calling for a “temporary troop surge” but they can’t just come out and say “We are losing the war…. send more troops”