George W. Bush Demands progress in Iraq : Threatens Invasion

(Camp David : Ucs News) Speaking from his vacation camp U.S. President Bush demanded the Maliki government make progress in Iraq. Following his harsh criticism the President stated “All military options are on the table”.

According to Pentagon sources the President has asked for a new set of invasion plans. The new re-invasion plans include the popular lighting armor thrust to Baghdad and more “slam cam” video controlled missiles.

With The U.S. Army already controlling the road to Baghdad the second thrust to the capital should be faster with fewer casualties, nearly guaranteed to boost George W. Bush’s sagging poll numbers.

Along with the ground thrust, the Pentagon has identified many important looking but empty buildings to destroy with guided missiles. Viewers may recognize some of the targets from past Iraq wars but Pentagon planers are promising higher quality footage and ground based camera angles.

Republican strategists agree, with the Baghdad troop surge failing to rally supporters and the congress not allowing action in Iran, George W. Bush has few options.