George W. Bush Demands War Funds : Massive Car Bombs Destroy Baghdad

(IRAQ, UCS News International) The world was shocked today when a series of massive car bombs detonated around the city. Early reports are suggesting the entire city of Bagdad and most of Anbar province destroyed were in the blast. President Bush blamed the destruction of the city on Democrats desire to end the war.

The US Department of Defense has reported the middle-eastern nation has suffered “significant damage”. Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to reporters and confirmed “the US Army and Marine corps have suffered mass causalities”. The Vice President could not speculate on the loss of Iraqi lives. “Maybe 6 million, we don’t really track the civilian losses, Let’s see what CNN has to say tomorrow”

Cheney would not release the names of the estimated 64,000 Americans that were killed in the blast pending the notification of the effected families. The Pentagon later announced it would be spamming the e-mail of every American and fax blasting to contact each family. The Pentagon as stated that Secretary Gates would not actually be signing the official death notification letters per the policy established By Donald Rumsfeld in the days following the fall of Bagdad.

George W. Bush is said to be “Cautiously optimistic” about what this will mean to the growth of democracy and the freedom for the surviving Iraqi people. Those on the scene are suggesting, due to the size of the bomb crater, that the surviving Iraq citizens will be living on beach front property. In the minutes following the blast the ruptured Persian Gulf began draining into the new Iraqi basin.