George W. Bush Denies Secret Plot to Bomb Al-Jazeera, CBS, NPR, and CNN

Unconfirmed sources report that the Bush White House has strongly denied that there was a secret plot to bomb news gatherings services and kill journalists in the Iraq theater of operations. The denial comes as reports of a secret memo written by the British detailing a conversation between Bush and Tony Blair indicates Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera and other new services. White House officials deny that the plan was secret and contend their plan to bomb and kill journalists and news services in the area was well known.

“There was never anything secret about our plans to kill journalists that were critical of the Bush Administration’s actions in Iraq.” Said White House spokesmen Ben Lion at an early morning press conference. “Our program to intimidate news services is well known and out in the open. We have no secrets on this one. We are not going to play favorites with American news services either. We don’t care if you work for CNN, NRP, CBS or whomever; if you are a journalist in Iraq who is critical of the US then you are taking your life into your own hands.”

Media figures were not satisfied by the statements coming out of the White House and demanded the memo be released to determine if the plans were secret or not..

“Al-Jazeera is in the foremost of free form and democracy in the Arab world and therefore this news that we have heard is very concerning,” said Wadah Khanfar, head of Al-Jezera . “So we demand a proper explanation and we would like to know the facts about this letter. If the US governments plans to bomb Al- Jazeera and the other news services was not secret, we want to know that.”

“Bomb NPR? It’s absolutely no secret that the US government wants to bomb NPR.” says NPR star, Ira Glass. “Everybody knows they want to bomb us, but dropping a 500 pounder in the middle of Chicago would be a really bad idea because of the bad press it would receive. I just don’t see it happening, but I’m not moving out into the countryside. No way.”

Brussels-based International News Safety Institute (INSI) said in a statement that all satellite news channels except FOX had attracted the anger of the US Administration for their reporting of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“Iraq is the most dangerous conflict for journalists in modern times with almost 100 news media staff dead in two and a half years. The US has control of the country and has a large interest in the way things are covered there.” said ISNI director Rodney Pinder. “The US bombed Al-Jazeera’s Baghdad bureau and it’s Afghan bureau in Kabul, so the idea that it planned to bomb its headquarters in Qatar should not be a secret to anyone.”